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About Charming Harmon


Hi and welcome to Charming Harmon; my little corner of the internet where I will brighten your day with my Mark Harmon related things.


My name is Monique, but people usually call me Moon or Moontje and I was born on march 31, 1979 in a lovely city called The Hague in The Netherlands. This makes me 38 years old as I write this.

When I was 19 I moved to Delft with my mom, who passed away on november 27, 2011. That was, and still is, very hard on me. But, as the saying goes: life goes on. I now live in a teeny, tiny appartment that I lovingly call my "cupboard under the stairs". Yes, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan too!

My cat Pongo lives here as well and she just turned 17 in may, she's a lovely little old snugglebug and her biggest hobby is to cuddle up with me when I'm in bed.