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About Charming Harmon


Hi and welcome to Charming Harmon; my little corner of the internet where I will brighten your day with my Mark Harmon related things.


My name is Monique, but people usually call me Moon or Moontje and I was born on march 31, 1979 in a lovely city called The Hague in The Netherlands. This makes me 38 years old as I write this.

When I was 19 I moved to Delft with my mom, who passed away on november 27, 2011. That was, and still is, very hard on me. But, as the saying goes: life goes on. I now live in a teeny, tiny appartment that I lovingly call my "cupboard under the stairs". Yes, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan too!

My cat Pongo lives here as well and she just turned 17 in may, she's a lovely little old snugglebug and her biggest hobby is to cuddle up with me when I'm in bed.


In daily life I have a fulltime job in a factory for sliced and packed vegetables. The shifts there last over 10 hours and there's an additional commute of about 4 to 5 hours a day. Which can be pretty exhausting, but I like my job. It pays for my bills and food.


I'm in a committed relationship with my boyfriend Roy, he lives in Florida, for 2.5 years and we have known eachother for almost 5 years. We started out as penfriends back in july 2013 and have been going strong eversince. 


Despite my busy schedule I still have a lot of hobbies. One of my bigger hobbies, of course, is graphic design. You may have noticed, lol. I'm no professional by any means, but i just love love looooove making Mark Harmon related artwork. And what better way to share that with the world  than to make a website that goes along with it?


There are some other celebrities that I'm a fan of:


From left to right:

  1. Peter Tuinman (a Dutch actor)
  2. Frederik de Groot (my alltime favorite Dutch actor, been a fan for over 25 years)
  3. Patrick Dempsey
  4. Pink
  5. Kevin Costner
  6. Alan Rickman
  7. Vincent D'onofrio
  8. David Draiman (my hero at the moment)
  9. Gary Barlow
  10. Jim Parsons
  11. Joshua Jackson
  12. Rowan Atkinson
  13. Sandra Bullock


My next hobby is crocheting