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Charming Harmon Disclaimer


About Copyright


Charming Harmon and the team behind it do not mean to infringe any copyright. Every picture we use is found on Google or we took our own screenshots. If you see anything that belongs to you, please send an email and we will give you credit, or remove the picture if you want. But remember: politeness is the way to get things done.
Of course we do realize that copyright infringement is most likely inevitable, after all: we ARE talking about Mark Harmon here, but we strive to make this website a safe place for everyone.


About Illegal Downloads


Charming Harmon will NOT be offering any illegal downloads. Mark and the people he's working with already work so hard for our pleasure, that it would be insane to illegaly spread their work on the internet. There are enough webshops online (Amazon for example) that offer Mark's movies and tv shows.



Claiming stuff as your own.


To elaborate a bit more on the "About Copyright" topic: I'm an artist. A professional by far, but an artist nonetheless. As I would not claim other peoples work as my own, I wouldn't like it if you claimed my work as your own. The goodies I share are free for personal use: please do not claim them as your own, or upload them anywhere else. A link back is not neccesary, but would be very much appreciated.