Today I will be teaching you the benefits of using a fontviewer when working with any graphic software.


Fonts are a pretty important part of working with Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Gimp, etc. It seems that for most people the natural thing to do is to install fonts in de Windows fonts directory. Of course this is an option, but as you start addimg more and more fonts you'll notice that your computer will be significantly slower. That is because it is a huge task for windows to start up every single font everytime the computer starts or trying to use them in your graphic software.


Of course there is a solution for that problem and it is called a font viewer. I'm sure that you can use any fontviewer you feel comfortable using, but for this tutorial we will be using AMP Font Viewer. You can click the image to download it. here is a link to winrar, you will need this software to unpack your fonts and everything else that needs unpacking.


I will also include a few links to websites where you can download fonts. Be prepared to get addicted because you "gotta catch em all" !!! *just a lame attempt to be funny...* Click the image to visit the website.