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Thank you, Mark!


Dear Mr Mark Harmon,


As I am sitting behind my desk, at 1 minute past midnight, I can't help but reminisce about the reason I am making this website: you.



Of course we are all a fan of you because of obvious reasons: A wonderful actor with the cutest face ever. And that last part is a GINORMOUS understatement!
However, that is not the only reason I am typing this. I am typing this because I feel the need to show my gratitude: You have made such a difference not only in my life, but in the lives of so many other people.
Never have I encountered a man so well spoken, so humble, so intelligent, so funny, so... well: find any positive adjective in the dictionary and add it to this list.
Over the years you have given us so much joy and love through your work and it is most important to me to let you know that we all think the world of you.

Over the years I have met a couple of wonderful fellow fans (I'm looking at you Carina, Moo, Micha, Janet, Jeri) and we take so much delight in bickering about our willingness (or rather unwillingness) to share you. Sometimes it gets really rough, but we love that and it makes us grin from ear to ear. At the end of the day we all love each other to bits and pieces.

So Mark, never forget that you are so loved! Thank you so much for everything that you have done over the years, and continue to do in the future.