[DRAWING TIPS AND TRICKS] Blending with colored pencil

Since I’m a very creative person (or so I’d like to think anyways) I’m always trying new stuff. Today I want to share a videotutorial with you about blending with coloured pencils. Since last saturday I’m the proud owner of a magnificent full set of Derwent Coloursoft pencils and I’m having a blast watching youtube tutorials and trying things out. It seems only fair that I share the video’s that work best for me with you as well.

Featuring today is a video made by Pencilstash, about 6 different blending techniques, She teaches in a very calm manner and has a nice voice to listen to.
Note: You can blend with any kind of colored pencil, even the cheap ones! It just takes time, patience ad a LOT of practise.

Working extra shifts

Not much exciting has been going on on this blog for a while now. That is all because I’m working extra shifts, and it doesn’t seem to slow down for the next two to three months. It is what it is, lol. I have been working on a crochet blanket and on some sort of memory book for my boyfriend who lives in America, so I have been creative :D.

Hope to be able to update soon!

Lol :D

Since it’s almost halloween I figured I’d change my website background. It’s fugly as hell, but I’m having so much fun here 😀 😀 😀

Late at night

Wow, it is 02.06 am over here in the netherlands and for the majority of the evening I have been working on this website. So glad that I finally have the blog up and running! I still need to do so much, but at least I’m finally getting somewhere.

It was too funny: I have this hosting account for almost a year and a half now only to find out just last week that there was a sitebuilder available. No more screwing around with wordpress (and pages that are shown completely out of order) and/or tutorials to learn HTML?CSS from scratch.
Yep! I’m lazy and I tend to take the easy way out. But I think I’m allowed to do that, because I have SO many ideas for this website, so it’ll be huuuuuge.

Anyways, enough for today. It’s time for me to hit the rack.

Sweet dreams everybody!