Late at night

Wow, it is 02.06 am over here in the netherlands and for the majority of the evening I have been working on this website. So glad that I finally have the blog up and running! I still need to do so much, but at least I’m finally getting somewhere.

It was too funny: I have this hosting account for almost a year and a half now only to find out just last week that there was a sitebuilder available. No more screwing around with wordpress (and pages that are shown completely out of order) and/or tutorials to learn HTML?CSS from scratch.
Yep! I’m lazy and I tend to take the easy way out. But I think I’m allowed to do that, because I have SO many ideas for this website, so it’ll be huuuuuge.

Anyways, enough for today. It’s time for me to hit the rack.

Sweet dreams everybody!

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