Eternal life?

The one thing that has been bugging me most lately is that Mark has turned 67 years old this year. Of course I understand that people don’t stay as young as 18 or 20, but man! Did it make me realize that he might keel over about any day now.

And that absolutely horrifies me!

I have not grown up with Mark, like so many of his other fans have. I became a fan in 2009, when he was already established as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS. But throughout the years I have seen so much of his other works, that it absolutely feels like I’ve grown up with him. He has been there in the most darkest of days in my life when my mom passed away, but he has also brought me SO much joy and everytime I look at him it is such a familiar face. Not one I’d do well without.

My supermomma always used to joke around that she had signed up for another 7 years of life, bless her soul. I sure hope that Mark has signed up for another 67 years of life at least!