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Billy Joel dons Jewish star against Neo-Nazi’s

Billy Joel dons Jewish star against Neo-Nazi’s

Aug 24, 2017

Billy Joel has been my all time favorite singer since about 13 years. Of course I always liked his music, because I grew up with it. Goodnight Saigon and We didn’t start the fire were released when I was still a teeny tiny Moontje, and I’m sure more of his wonderful songs were released around that same time.

But I still remember that lovely day somewhere in March 2014, when I was listening to Honesty and fell completely in love with Billy’s voice. I never realized he is Jewish, though I most likely read somewhere that he is. And so f*cking what? I love Jewish people and I’m getting sick of the hate that they get. What is in it for you, neo-nazi people, to harrass/attack/ignore/bully/kill an entire group of people that have done nothing to you? Does it make you go off/proud/happy/feel wanted? Because seriously, you’re nothing but a bunch of sick, pathetic loser wankers. And you should burn in hell for what you are doing. (And no, I don’t believe in (a) God).

There, having that said: Billy Joel donned a Jewish star during an encore at one of his concerts a few nights ago, against neo-nazism. Just when you thought you couldn’t love your hero more…

Click here for the link to the CNN news article.

David Draiman calling out fan during concert, right or wrong?

David Draiman calling out fan during concert, right or wrong?

Aug 1, 2017

In the youtube clip below you can see David Draiman losing his shit over a fan that is texting -from what I understand- all throughout the concert.
I saw in another youtube that he apologized to the person, because apparently, she decided to leave her 12 (or was it 14?) year old daughter home alone to go the the Disturbed concert, during a hailstorm…

David shouldn’t have apologized. Period. He was right the first time.
Because what freaking idiot in her right mind leaves a 12 year old girl home alone or without any reliable and trustworthy babysitter? Okay, I understand, at 12 years old you’re not a baby anymore, but you’re also not old enough to stay at home all by yourself.

So what she should’ve done was A: take the kid to the concert. or B: find a babysitter she could trust so the kid wasn’t home alone.
You’re not going to a concert and disrupt the whole shizzle, because you can’t leave your phone alone. The members of Disturbed put so many effort in what they do, not only for their own pleasure, but mostly for the fans and I can guarantee that giving your everything on the stage and having people glued to their phones all night is gonna annoy the crap out of them. And rightfully so.

Disturbed | The sound of Silence

Disturbed | The sound of Silence

Jul 26, 2017

This song is originally from Simon and Garfunkel of course. A few weeks back I was at work in the late shift, talking to a Polish co worker when this song came on the radio. He said that this is an AH-MA-ZING song and of course I wanted to contradict him, because normally I hate covers. I mean, take Westlife with Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl for example and I think I can rest my case. Nothing against Westlife because they have some pretty decent songs, but covers, amirite?

Until a few days ago when I thought: oh, I might as well check out that song, it probably won’t hurt… And, oh boy, it didn’t hurt indeed… I immediately fell in love with David Draiman and his voice. Even started liking his original work (the Disturbed music) and that normally so isn’t my shizzle… Just wow!

So I thought: let me dedicate an entire blogpost to this wonderful piece of art, that is even better than the original. And now I’m going to have an icecream.