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PSP Tutorial | How to use AMP Fontviewer

PSP Tutorial | How to use AMP Fontviewer

Aug 2, 2017

Hurray! this is my very first tutorial for this website and I’m SO excited about it! So here goes nothing…

Today I will be teaching you about the benefits of using a font viewer

When using Paint Shop Pro, you might find that the software has very little choices in fonts. Back in the old days (about 15 years ago or so), one would simply install new fonts in the windows font directory. Which is, of course, still an option but I would strongly advice against it. Installing hundreds, maybe thousands of fonts will significantly slow down your computer. All these fonts will start up when you start up your computer, and they will run in the background, invisible to you.

Now, there is a simple solution for this, and I’m going to explain the how and what behind it.

First of all, downloadand install a fontviewer. I guess any fontviewer will do, but for this tutorial I will use AMP Fontviewer,
which you can download here.
As far as downloading and installing software goes, I trust that you are savvy enough to do so.

The next step is to download and install winrar, so you can unpack your font files.
You can download Winrar here.

Step three is to download some fonts, which you can do over here, just choose a couple of fonts that you really like. Once you get the hang of this you can always download and add new fonts:

For me personally, I like to work with folders on my desktop, because they are easy to find when you need them. So create a new folder on your desktop and call it Paint Shop Pro (or another name that you can easily recognize it by). Open this folder and then create another new folder in it called Fonts.

It always seems messy to me to have both the zipfiles and font files in the same folder, zo I always create another new folder within the Fonts folder and call it Zip Files. That is where I download the files downloaded from Dafont to.
Once you have downloaded a couple of fonts into your Zip files folder and unpack them there, by right clicking them and choose: “unpack in Zip Files”

The next thing you need to do is copy the fontfiles to your fonts folder. A font has always the .ttf or .otf extension. In windows we work with the .ttf extension. (I believe that .otf is for Apple users, not sure on that one). Extract a fontzip that you just downloaded. If you have installed winrar you can do so by right clicking the zipfile and choose unpack. It is really easy to do.

Now you open the folder that you have just extracted, locate the .ttf file, copy it and paste it in the font folder. Repeat this for every font you have downloaded, or will download.

Now, when you want to use the fonts in Paint Shop Pro, just open AMP. Locate the fonts folder on the “not installed fonts” tab, click the font you want to use and that is it. Once AMP is activated and the font you want to use is highlighted, you can use it in PSP.

End of tutorial