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Billy Joel dons Jewish star against Neo-Nazi’s

Billy Joel dons Jewish star against Neo-Nazi’s

Aug 24, 2017

Billy Joel has been my all time favorite singer since about 13 years. Of course I always liked his music, because I grew up with it. Goodnight Saigon and We didn’t start the fire were released when I was still a teeny tiny Moontje, and I’m sure more of his wonderful songs were released around that same time.

But I still remember that lovely day somewhere in March 2014, when I was listening to Honesty and fell completely in love with Billy’s voice. I never realized he is Jewish, though I most likely read somewhere that he is. And so f*cking what? I love Jewish people and I’m getting sick of the hate that they get. What is in it for you, neo-nazi people, to harrass/attack/ignore/bully/kill an entire group of people that have done nothing to you? Does it make you go off/proud/happy/feel wanted? Because seriously, you’re nothing but a bunch of sick, pathetic loser wankers. And you should burn in hell for what you are doing. (And no, I don’t believe in (a) God).

There, having that said: Billy Joel donned a Jewish star during an encore at one of his concerts a few nights ago, against neo-nazism. Just when you thought you couldn’t love your hero more…

Click here for the link to the CNN news article.

Disturbed | The sound of Silence

Disturbed | The sound of Silence

Jul 26, 2017

This song is originally from Simon and Garfunkel of course. A few weeks back I was at work in the late shift, talking to a Polish co worker when this song came on the radio. He said that this is an AH-MA-ZING song and of course I wanted to contradict him, because normally I hate covers. I mean, take Westlife with Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl for example and I think I can rest my case. Nothing against Westlife because they have some pretty decent songs, but covers, amirite?

Until a few days ago when I thought: oh, I might as well check out that song, it probably won’t hurt… And, oh boy, it didn’t hurt indeed… I immediately fell in love with David Draiman and his voice. Even started liking his original work (the Disturbed music) and that normally so isn’t my shizzle… Just wow!

So I thought: let me dedicate an entire blogpost to this wonderful piece of art, that is even better than the original. And now I’m going to have an icecream.